Buying Granite and Marble Slab in the GTA

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The timeless beauty of natural stone can add elegance and colour to any kitchen or bathroom. When choosing a countertop surface, colour and style are among the first considerations for most homeowners. Each granite and marble slab is different. GTA homeowners should try to make a conscious effort to view the entire slab, as even samples taken from the same slab can vary greatly. Some stone distributors have showrooms where homeowners can view a variety of natural stone samples and design ideas. Natural stone has many applications in the home and can accentuate your kitchen, bathroom, bar, or dining area. Revered for its beauty, natural stone is often chosen for countertops, tiling, and other surfaces for its durability. With proper maintenance and care, a natural stone surface can last for generations – a testament to its permanence. Learn more below about how natural stone can increase the value, beauty, and character of your home.

Natural Stone Makes Sense

No matter if you are planning on selling your home or living in it for a lifetime, natural stone is an investment. Not only will it provide long-lasting beauty and durability to any space, it will also add value to your home. Incorporating natural stone into your tile and countertop design will increase the value of your property and appeal of your home. Its natural resistance and durability make it great for surfaces and floors, increasing the longevity of your home.

Finding the Right Look

Whether homeowners are looking for something traditional or more contemporary, finding the right look is about choosing the surface that best complements your kitchen. Granite, marble, and quartzite are some of the most commonly used materials for countertops, backsplashes, islands, and bathroom vanities. All of these stones come in a wide variety of natural colours, shades, and designs – and no two slabs are the same! Finding a beautiful piece of stone begins with locating a reliable natural stone distributor.


One of the distinguishing qualities of natural stone is its durability. Resistant to heat and most natural wear and tear, your natural stone surfaces will be the focal points of your home for years to come. Proper maintenance and care will depend on the chosen surface, however, it is a good idea for homeowners to wipe spills immediately in order to preserve the surface and prevent stains. Resealing is also an important part of preserving your natural stone surfaces. Resealing depends on the frequency of use, but homeowners should generally aim to reseal their marble and granite countertops between every 6 months to 2 years.
Homeowners considering purchasing granite and marble slab in the GTA should start by finding a reputable distributor. While marble is unrivalled in its beauty, many homeowners are choosing other stones for their countertops and surfaces. Granite has become a popular choice in the kitchen and around the home, while quartzite has become a popular alternative in recent years due to its superior durability. Natural stone surfaces make for an excellent investment and can add timeless value to your home.